Polymersazan Zomorod Co., a leading manufacturer of polymer emulsions, centres its efforts on delivering premium products to paint, textile, adhesive and construction industries as well as consumer products. With a clear vision of becoming one of the largest supplier of water based polymer emulsions in Iran, the company has been making a persistent effort in improving its products, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and supply chain management.

The company's aim is to further strengthen its dynamic industry-leading portfolio of polymer emulsions keeping innovation and sustainability at the core of its every operation.We believe that relationships are building blocks to success. Innovative solutions require more than just science, it requires indent knowledge of each other's business. With the help of sound science and technology we aim to assist to every firm's needs.

At Polymersazan Zomorod Co., quality is everyone's responsibility. It can be defined as doing the right thing every time, in every step. Polymersazan Zomorod Co. is a promise … a promise of what you can expect if you use the product or service, or if you engage in the experience.